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Are you feeling stuck in your life and struggling to break free from the cycle of self-doubt and limiting beliefs? Do you dream of manifesting the life of your dreams but don't know where to start?

I was once where you are now, feeling lost and hopeless, but I was able to turn my life around by following six simple steps that changed everything.

And now, I want to share those steps with you in our new course, From Stuck to Unstoppable: Rising From the Ashes Even When You Feel Dead Inside - an incredible collaboration between the top coaches, healers, teachers, and experts in self-empowerment.

In this course, your team of experts will guide you through the same six steps that helped me transform my life to create the success and abundance that I've always wanted - so that you can create and begin living the life of your dreams!

Over our time together, you'll learn how to:

🔥 overcome your fears

🔥 crush your limiting beliefs

🔥 manifest a life that truly lights you up!

And the best part?
You won't be doing it alone.

You'll receive lifetime access to community support, resources, and an incredible panel of world-renowned experts to keep you on track.

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Embark on a transformative journey with a powerhouse team of 36 resilient women who have not only conquered their own battles but are now standing alongside you to guide and empower you on the path from stagnation to unstoppable growth.

Step 1 - Support

Angela Bell

Angela Bell is the founder of The Mom Magic Anthology Series and the Mom Magic Movement!  She is also the founder and CEO at The Inspired & Profitable Mompreneur Business, Podcast, Magazine & TV Show. Angela is on a mission to empower moms around the world to stand in their power, embrace their dreams, and create their own business! 

Angela is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, business coach for moms, and mom of twins. She has built multiple 6 & 7 figure businesses, published several books, and helped hundreds of women launch and grow their own Inspired & Profitable online businesses.

Angela is committed to helping other moms live their very best lives on their own terms!

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Jessy Pearson

Hey, I’m Jessy. I’m an Emotion Code Practitioner, Reiki II healer, 200-hr Yoga Teacher, and former child safety professional. I personally believe that life is too short to live with your excuses, the beach is the only place to call home, coffee is a love language, profanity displays your passion, and Euchre should be banned from existence.

My mission is to help you tune out your excuses and the oppressive opinions of the world so you can really tune into the voice inside that is nudging you to trust yourself again. You are worthy of making the decision in your life that is going to change everything. It feels big and scary and like a whole lot of work…and it can be, but that is why you have me. I have been there. I’ve been stuck in the self-rejection, helplessness, shame cycle and I took the long route back to self-trust.

My ultimate goal is to show you the shortcut to releasing your emotional baggage and help you create a life you love NOW.

I love to travel and when I do you’ll always find me on the walking tour of the city. I spend hours in the sand and sun and my ultimate self-care is a hot or aerial yoga class. People feel wildly comfortable with me. If you see me at Target it’s likely I’ll know your entire story before you check out. I’m an Enneagram 6 and a Projector so that means if you’re my people you are seriously MY people. I’m in it to win it when it comes to clarifying what you want, helping you optimize your life, and protecting your dreams and happiness. If I were a cup of coffee I’d be an iced caramel latte because I’m bold but like to keep it light and there is NEVER a dull moment when you are around me!

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Amber Fall

Amber Fall is a dedicated Parent Coach who is passionate about helping other parents navigate the challenges of raising children. With a deep understanding of the complexities of parenting, Amber is committed to providing her clients with the tools, skills, and resources they need to overcome obstacles and create a positive and supportive environment for their children.

Currently studying for certification at the Jai Institute for Parenting, Amber is expanding her knowledge and skills in this field, and is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest research and best practices. Through her coaching, Amber helps parents to develop effective communication skills, set boundaries, manage stress, build positive relationships with their children, and develop a deeper understanding of their child's needs.

With a compassionate and non-judgmental approach, Amber is able to build strong relationships with her clients, and is skilled in helping them to identify their strengths and tap into their potential as parents. Whether working with first-time parents or those with more experience, Amber is dedicated to helping each of her clients find a starting point, learn new skills, and focus on solutions to the struggles they may be facing.

As a Parent Coach, Amber is committed to providing her clients with the highest level of service and support, and is passionate about helping families to thrive. With a deep understanding of the importance of effective parenting, Amber is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of parents and children alike.

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Tanysha Costales

Tanysha Lee Costales is a writer, publisher, and advocate for self-love and healing. Born and raised in Long Island, New York, she became independent at the age of 16 and graduated high school a year early by dedicating all her free time to studying while working part-time. After completing a Medical Assistant Certificate program during her first two pregnancies, she pursued a career in business analysis.

Following an abusive relationship, Tanysha experienced a traumatic event that led to chronic pain and a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. After leaving that relationship, she embarked on a journey of self-love, forgiveness, and healing. Her experiences inspired her to write her book, "Becoming A Virtuous Wife: A Breakthrough Guide of Healing Trauma, Restoring Your Family, and Unlocking the Power of Communication," which offers guidance to women seeking to overcome trauma and foster healthy relationships - releasing this Spring!

Tanysha is a wife and mother of three who has embraced her calling to help heal the broken-hearted through her writing and advocacy work. She believes that everyone can benefit from the 9 Keys and 3 Golden Nuggets she offers in her book, which are based on her own experiences of overcoming spiritual conflict and seeking healthy relationships.

In 2022, Tanysha founded her own publishing company, Hannah’s Unfading Beauty LLC, to bring her message of love and healing to a wider audience.

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Melanie Shenberger

Melanie is a decluttering coach who helps overwhelmed moms declutter their homes and escape survival mode so they can start feeling like themselves again.

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Jennilynn Jean Gerhard

Health and Beauty Advisor and Sexual Abuse Advocate

I am a childhood sexual abuse survivor who supports and guides those seeking to heal from this trauma. I am also an advisor of all natural products that have helped me and countless others improve their health and well being. Mother of 3 and Grandmother of 2. It is my sincere desire to shed light on sexual abuse so that others may see the light at the end of this tunnel. Be Brave Be Strong Be True to Yourself. 

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Step 2 - Self-Care

Leslie Gaudet

Leslie Gaudet is a Motivational Speaker, International Bestselling Author, and Self-Care Coach for female coaches and course creators. She helps her clients prioritize self-care so they can wake up with more energy, focus, and intention to tackle their daily activities and serve their clients with confidence.

Using proven coaching strategies and personalized support, she helps her clients reduce stress and burnout, increase their sense of fulfillment and purpose, and cultivate a sustainable self-care practice that supports their personal and professional growth.She believes that making self-care a priority will give you the confidence to dream big and bring your dreams to reality, because you will be in alignment with your purpose and the life you want to lead, while using your time to your advantage, so that you are in flow and creating and designing a life you love living.

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Katie Markel

I am a Marine Veteran, former anorexic, Holistic Health Practitioner, Kinesiologist, and Women's Health Coach. It is my mission to empower a million women to love their bodies inside and out. I help women refine their nutrition, fitness, mindset, and lifestyle to balance their hormones and become the women they want to be. We base all of our work on each woman's unique journey, body, and hormones. 

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Doreen Steenland

Doreen Steenland is a Registered Nurse, International Coaching Federation Certified Coach & Mental Fitness Expert. Doreen’s diverse nursing experience and neuroscience training provide a unique approach to her coaching. She is the founder of Living Full Life Coaching and empowers exhausted medical professionals to rise above their stress patterns, get anchored, and take control again.

Doreen coaches women who have conquered survival mode and are now ready to live again! Empowering women to disrupt autopilot living, be present and walk in freedom is her passion. Doreen’s coach training includes IPNB, Somatic and Trauma Informed techniques, emotional intelligence, and positive intelligence.

Mental Fitness incorporates Positive Intelligence, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Science, and Performance Science and is backed by metric-driven scientifically proven tools. Using these tools, we rewire your brain for success. She is a speaker and author of “Transform Your Brain, One Thought At A Time” coming out in 2023. She lives by grace through faith in New Jersey with her hubby of 32 years and three adult kids. She loves golfing, hiking, and all things outdoors. Her favorite place to rest is her front porch!

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Andrea Hunt

My name is Andrea Hunt, I’m a world-traveling transformational life coach and EFT practitioner who helps women overcome challenging emotional blocks to their confidence so they can pursue their dreams. By helping to improve emotional health and clear negative self talk and self-sabotaging beliefs that keep them stuck in old, unhelpful patterns, my clients are empowered to be the best version of themselves and master the art of living deliberately.

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Sarah Wohlgemuth

Sarah W is a transformational speaker and trainerintimacy mentor, health and fitness coach of 13 years, wife, mom. She helps both her audiences and clients become unleashed in intimacy, within themselves and in their relationships.

Sarah discovered powerful steps to heal and deepen intimacy, renew the mind, retrain the brain, and integrate mind, body, soul, and spirit as ONE. This all came as she healed in her personal life and marriage, breaking free from a past of trauma/abuse. 

Her audience and clients have spoken on " feeling hope for the first time in years", "feeling free", and "feeling peace and connection again". 

Sarah is passionate to instill HOPE for brothers and sisters, guiding them into becoming fully alive in passion, purpose, impact. She provides powerful mentorship through her course titled "You Unleashed"- Freedom in Intimacy, Passion, Purpose.

Sarah and her husband Matt also speak and mentor others in how to rebuild trust and intimacy after breakdowns and betrayal.

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Step 3 - Vision

Yvonne Wallin

Yvonne Wallin is a much sought after expert on coaching female leaders and entrepreneurs, to move from frustration and depression to a thriving life. She started her career in 2014, after struggling with major depression. She became a certified coach after obtaining a masters in counseling to be able to better serve others. Today, when she’s not enjoying the outdoors with animals where she lives in the country, you’ll often find her helping her coaching clients.

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Elisa Fucci

Elisa Fucci is a speaker, book author podcaster, relationship life coach and Energy Healer. Through coaching and breathwork Elisa helps women entrepreneur let go of limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and emotional baggage so they can feel supported and connected in their marriage EVEN when their spouse is not supportive.

Elisa became certified as a life coach in 2021 through The Life Coaching School. She has become an international bestselling author with her new book Unleash Her.  She hosts a podcast to empower Latina women to create the life they desire, called ‘Living La Vida A Full”. She has created events and workshops to teach women to tap into their inner wisdom, find their voice, learn to process their emotions, and how to drop expectations to start enjoying their relationships today!

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Cheri Dixon

Cheri Dixon is the owner of A Girl and Her Dog Coaching and Consulting and an elementary principal. She always knew she was going to have an impact on the world, which started with teaching children so that they could grow up with options in their lives.

Cheri found that she wanted to shift her career and help women live their best lives. After going through many ups and downs in her own life, she found that she could help women build a life they love with the right support system by their side.

Cheri is a co-author of a book, Unleash Her, published through She Rises Studios. Her newest course focuses on middle aged women who have lost themselves in their everyday lives and want to become the unstoppable woman they knew they were born to be! Cheri’s first talk show, Confident, Courageous and Clear is on Fenix TV!

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VioletRain Freedom

VioletRain has been a Pioneer in the Coaching Industry for over 12 years. Known as the “Rebel Rouser” VioletRain knows just the right buttons to push to stir that burning hunger for greatness in her clients. Currently working on her second book, “Nobody’s Bitch” VioletRain reveals the truth about lasting transformation, teaching fierce personal responsibility and energy mastery. VioletRain lives to assist soul driven entrepreneurs, coaches and healers in unapologetically owning and monetizing their unique soul genius. You can find her doing this on stage as a Motivational Speaker, during her Retreats for Entrepreneurs, and in her Coaching program.

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Jenni Glad

Jenni Glad is a change catalyst and a multi-passionate, emotional well-being coach, clinical hypnotherapist, writer, and speaker. A true expert of the mind and the creator of the Purpose Path method, her coaching helps entrepreneurs and business professionals redesign their careers and lives by shifting their blocks and habits for self-mastery and sustainable success.

Jenni offers personal mentoring and coaching, online programs, and coaches organizations. Her mission and passion is to help women rise to their authenticity and power.

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Jo Anna Wright

Jo Anna Wright is the founder of Bottom Line Wealth and is recognized as an expert in creating more than $5 million in real estate transactions for her students. She has over 20 years of experience as a licensed multi-million-dollar real estate professional and Investorspecializing in wholesale, fix and flip, Buy and Hold, and Money Lending investing strategies.

Teaching Newbies, Realtors, and entrepreneurs how to create wealth in real estate and keep more of the money they make. Even if you don't know where to start. So you can retire when you desire and follow your passion(s).

Her passion is teaching women to build wealth with ease, that assets are sexy, create confidence and independence. Mentored by Sharon Lechter, the co-founder of the Rich Dad Poor Dad curriculum, multiple 7- figure real estate investing instructors along with getting her mindset clear with Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, and many other leaders within the industry.

Her vision of making a global impact on 1 million women entrepreneurs attaining financial independence while loving their sexy assets.

Jo Anna offers an uplifting, collaborative and educational environment. Providing concrete solutions, realistic goals, and a customized road map to retire early so you can enjoy life now.

This keeps her grounded in her purpose to help women rise. She is an Award-winning Mentor, Investor and National Speaker.

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Step 4 - Action

Andrea Kaye

Andrea is a Transformation Accelerator who helps people awaken to their divine soul truth, find their purpose, and take back their power. 💥 Her focus is on helping mompreneurs and spiritual entrepreneurs overcome past programming, create structure, and manifest abundance.

As a certified Magnetic Mind Coach, Andrea uses a five-step method based on neuroscience, epigenetics, quantum physics, and spiritual concepts to help people rewire their brain and recode their DNA. 🧬 By releasing limiting beliefs, toxic emotions, and resistance, clients can break generational curses, heal trauma, and become attraction magnets to make their dreams a reality.

Andrea is a 37-year-old unschooling mompreneur of four, Transformational Master Quantum Manifestation Coach, Spiritual Mindset Mentor, Intuitive Healer, and Akashic Records Practitioner. She is certified in Neurolinguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Tapping, Time Techniques Life and Success Coaching, Hypnotherapy, and the Magnetic Mind Method. Andrea is also the Fearless Humble Leader of her team, Miracle Mavens, which helps moms create time and financial freedom.

Andrea's personal mission is to transform the world one person at a time, starting with herself. She is committed to helping people awaken to their full potential and raise the vibration of the planet to shift into the age of light, the new 5D paradigm of heaven on earth.

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Kati Hudson

Establishing For Your Nutrition, LLC in 2022, Kati Hudson is an NASM certified nutrition coach and a youth exercise specialist. Kati’s coaching style is geared toward the whole self, partnering with clients to reestablish a positive relationship with food and movement, creating sustainable healthy habits that leave them feeling well from the inside out without rigid restrictions.

In her free time, Kati enjoys reading, playing sports with her kids, hiking, and spending quality time with friends and family. She works full time in administration at an ivy league institution in New Hampshire. She resides in Vermont with her two children, her partner Neil, and their two dogs, a Newfoundland and a chug.

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Lauren Weiss

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Kyla Biedermann

Kyla Biedermann is an international bestselling author in the anthology, Shattering the Stigma of Single Motherhood, a speaker, teacher, and veteran; owner and founder of Legacy Women Affiliates and a member of the She Rises Studios leadership team.

She served 8 years in the Navy as a Cryptologic Technician. After becoming a single mother to her son in 2020 she realized the attitudes and culture surrounding single motherhood needed to change, starting with her own. This began a long journey of self-development and education in pursuit of finding answers and healing.

Kyla’s motto in life is, Always Learning, Always Growing, Always Changing.Through Legacy Women Affiliates she builds and supports Legacy women, and advocates for mental health and against domestic violence. 

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Melisa Rosalez

Melisa Rosalez is a a wife and a mother of four amazing individuals and knows how challenging it can be to juggle entrepreneurship, community service, and running a household while still connecting with family.

When she reached a point of burnout, she knew that something had to change. Rather than giving up or giving in, she took a step back and looked at her life with the same care and dedication she had always shown in her businesses and jobs. She realized that there had to be a better way of life than being a martyr and victim to her circumstances. With this realization, Melisa set out to make a change, and it wasn't long before she found the key to unlock the door to a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

This was the start of her journey in becoming a Time Management and Empowerment Coach, with a focus on helping other mothers who may have found themselves feeling stuck in routine and lost in the process. Melisa's coaching business, Sunshine Coaching, provides women with a ray of hope and inspiration. Through her groundbreaking coaching programs, Melisa empowers mothers to take control of their lives by showing them how to prioritize their time, define their goals, and achieve the work-life balance they desire.

Her dedication to her family, her community, and her business is unrivaled. With her tireless efforts, she has become a true force for positive change and a shining example of what can be achieved through hard work and determination.

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Step 5 - Celebration

Melissa Gayle Searles

Ending trauma on a global scale one family at a time and it starts with healing ourselves! 🙏

Creator of The Intention Academy

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Michele Meza

Michele Meza, also known as, Coach Michele D, is a 2x International bestselling author, national speaker, and noteworthy leader in the business industry. She is known for her work as the CEO at Luksi Coaching & Consulting; Michele has been featured in several well-known industry publications, books, and podcasts such as David Meltzer, The Life of a Single Mom, and more.

Coach Michele D has been honored with multiple recognitions, including a national leadership award “Native 40 under 40” for her contributions and expertise in business and Native American communities. She is formally trained in Organizational Leadership, holds an MBA, a Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship, with emphasis in strategic leadership. She holds certifications as a Business Process Manager, Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma, Mindset and Business Coach, Emotional Intelligence, and Instructional Story Design. 

Additionally, Michele is a single mom of two beautiful daughters. She has a heart for people; specifically, women and children, where she has dedicated countless hours and years towards bettering the lives of domestic violence survivors and their children, through ministry and personal volunteering. Michele is involved in real estate and resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

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Julieanne Williams

Julianne Williams is a mom, 3-time international best-selling author and Certified Grief Educator.

She holds a B.S. in Developmental Psychology and a Master of Public Health. A licensed nursing home administrator, she rose to the President of the second largest skilled nursing care company in the US overseeing over 320 locations with 30,000 employees. After leaving skilled nursing care, she formed a healthcare consulting company and is currently on the Board of Directors of Bright Horizon Hospice. She also serves on several national boards in the healthcare arena.

In April 2023, Julianne launched a show named “Step Into Your Life” on Fenix TV which will be on Apple TV, Roku, and Fire TV available in 100 countries. Her mission is to help people heal from grief and build a life they love.

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Alicia Marcos Birong

Alicia Marcos Birong is the founder and owner of Guided Choices and ChatterGirls, which aim to empower men, women, and children through counseling, coaching, and training. With over 30 years of experience as a life coach, therapist, and hypnotherapist, Alicia is passionate about improving and transforming people's lives.

Alicia's interest in transformative abilities and her passion for helping people started during her executive directorship in a halfway house for women. She continued her education, completed a Master of Counseling degree, and worked as a youth minister in different positions.

Alicia received the McHenry County Hero's Award for her remarkable contribution to the community. As a trainer, Alicia was the director of a hypnotherapy school that offered an exclusive children's hypnosis component. She has also developed techniques for children's mindfulness and has trained others in this field.

Alicia is the author of Changing the Chatter: Help Your Daughter Look Beyond the Mirror for Self-Esteem. Alicia's ChatterGirls program, designed for 8-14 year old girls, empowers them to become confident, strong young women by developing life skills that go beyond the boundaries of the public education system. ChatterGirls stands for Celebrating, Happy, Aspiring, Truthful, Thoughtful, Empower, Responsible Girls.

Alicia continues to travel the country speaking for different organizations, parents, and children's groups, building national and international networks.

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Brooke Kekos

Brooke Kekos helps those who feel alone and lost to discover their truth and stand in their personal power using her training as Relationship Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT), and NLP Practitioner.

Having spent 35 years trapped in a religious sect, indoctrination, abuse and trauma were prevalent. Raised by a narcissistic abusive father, she got stuck in toxic relationship cycles. This led her to enter into marriage for 17 years with a narcissistic abusive man. However, in 2017  Brooke found her personal truth and power and she was able to break free from both the relationship and the religion. Shortly after, her ex-husband and father to their two sons passed suddenly to addiction. With this great loss it ignited her desire to heal more deeply.

Through her loss and trauma Brooke’s intuition and her souls calling was revealed. After 18 years as an Esthetician listening to peoples’ stories, she knew that she could do more to serve those suffering and help them on their healing path. She is currently working on her book, a speaker to help others in their own transformation , and the owner of Life Coaching Goddess. Her passion and purpose is to help others heal from past traumas, toxic relationships, and limiting beliefs that are no longer serving them. 

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CJ C Boyd

I am a woman on a mission to change how other women view themselves. I spent a lifetime of thinking I was JUST A…(fill in the blank)…a wife a Momma, a café owner/operator, etc that was devastated when I “lost” all three of those titles within a two year time span.

I literally felt that I had zero value or worth because I no longer had the label to describe myself. What I quickly realized is that I had succumbed to the status quo way of thinking…that my value and worth was deciphered based upon a title or numbers of hours spent doing a job…but that I was way more than that!!!

I decided I had two options for my life: be okay with being a mere statistic of circumstance… OR truly dig deep into WHO I AM as a woman, a person, an individual.

Having done hundreds of hours of inner work and personal development, I realized that this is a huge block for a lot of women. So, I have decided to use my life experience, my growth and expansion, as tools to help other women uncover their own limiting beliefs around value and worth.

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Step 6 - Re-Negotiation

Navi Bliss

Navi Bliss is the demystifier of personal relationships, cultivator of confidence, certified love and relationship coach, certified inspirational speaker and host of the blissful love podcast.  She is a contributing author in two books, Our Yellow Brick Road released in August 2022 and Healing and Growth released in December 2022. She has also been featured on Global News, CTV, A Plus Media and Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Growing up with a mother who was physically and emotionally abusive left Navi with a tattered sense of self and low self esteem. This sent her on a path of horrible, toxic and abusive relationships until she reached her breaking point in 2016 after walking away from an abusive relationship.  After going on a healing journey, Navi was able to flip the script on her own life and is now determined to help others to do the same.

As a coach, Navi’s mission in life is to help people fall head over heels in love with themselves so that they can effortlessly attract blissful love into their lives. As an inspirational speaker Navi uses her own stories of overcoming childhood abuse and neglect, to inspire others that anything is possible and they too can overcome any obstacles in their way.

You can overcome your past heartbreaks and trauma, you can fall in love with yourself completely and learn to feel good in your skin everyday and you can have the most blissful magical relationship too and Navi can show you how!

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Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie Taylor is a personal stylist, public speaker, event coordinator, author, and mentor dedicated to empowering women to look and feel their best. With over 15 years of experience, Stephanie is known for her ability to create customized looks that enhance each woman's unique style and personality. Her dynamic and engaging talks on confidence inspire countless women to feel more empowered in all areas of their lives. Stephanie is also an experienced event coordinator who has organized successful branding photoshoots, charity events, and other community-building initiatives.

As a published author of Mom Magic, Moms for Change, Stephanie's writing is relatable, insightful, and empowering, making her book a must-read for anyone looking to take their power back. Through her work, Stephanie is changing the way women approach their lives by encouraging them to be their most authentic and confident selves. As a mentor to women interested in fashion and entrepreneurship, she is committed to helping the next generation of women leaders succeed and reach their full potential.

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Krystal Shuga

Krystal Shuga owner of Shuga and Spice Boudoir. I am a photographer, mother and wife who had lost myself in the midst of trauma. With all the time I had taken for others I knew I needed to reset for myself. I have spent my life helping other women find themselves and their confidence but somehow lost mine. After having my 4th son I started to remember the power I had in myself and reminding myself it's ok to find my sensuality again outside of taking care of everyone else.

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Jenny Sprague

Jen Sprague is a certified Transformational Coach who specializes in wellness and lifestyle. She helps people overcome obstacles and heal destructive patterns to attain their health goals and live their Best Lives.

Individual clients often come to her experiencing burn-out, stress, weight gain, lethargy, and other chronic conditions. She also enjoys supporting organizations in culture shifts around stress, burnout in the workplace, and the stigma around mental health.

Jen incorporates yoga philosophy in her coaching–facilitating awareness and integrating the body, mind, and soul; this allows her clients to move forward with purpose and joy! Her background is in 15 years of Secondary Science teaching. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Michigan and a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Wayne State University. She holds four certifications in coaching, a yoga teaching certification and has been enjoying this entrepreneurial adventure for 6 years!

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Jessenia Velazquez

Jessenia Velazquez - aka JV, a professional dancer turned movement coach & creatives director has over 18 years of experience in the field. She is passionate about helping women heal their trauma through movement.

After years of dancing professionally and experiencing the healing power of movement in her own life, JV developed a deep understanding of how movement can be a powerful tool for healing and transformation. She decided to share her knowledge and experiences with others by becoming a movement coach, offering workshops, one on one sessions, & masterclasses to guide individuals towards their healing journeys.

Her keen understanding of the body-mind connection helped her develop her own unique approach. She combines her expertise in different dance styles, body awareness techniques, and mindfulness practices to create a holistic and transformative experience for her clients. JV's classes are designed to help women reconnect with their bodies, release stored emotions, and heal from past traumas. She creates a safe and nurturing environment where women can express themselves freely through movement, allowing their bodies to release tension, stress, and emotional blockages.

JV has touched the lives of many women, helping them overcome their traumas, and empowering them to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

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Krystal Casey

Krystal Casey is a sexual health educator, women's empowerment coach, and Founder of Flight of the Phoenix: A Women’s Empowerment Collective. This inspirational leader is a powerhouse with a microphone.

Despite enduring unimaginable tragedy, she rose from the ashes and became an international best-selling author, a motivational speaker, and a mom on a mission to break generational cycles of trauma and sexual abuse.

Krystal’s story is one of strength and resilience, and she uses it to ignite a fire within other mothers, empowering them to reignite their own spark, step into their power, and create a life they truly love living!

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